Associates are members of the firm who collaborate to ensure that the clients’ needs are being met. In these types of roles, you will be interacting with clients frequently, using your skills to help with business development,talent acquisition  and moving matters forward, creating a client first and clean environment, and making sure clients enjoy their experience.


The firm has locations in Mississauga, Hamilton, Toronto, Oakville, North York and Scarborough to meet and serve our clients.

Associate is free to utilize his/her time, energy and skill in such manner as he/she deems advisable to the extent that he/she is not otherwise obligated.

Performance Based – Results Driven

Our firm delivers legal services to clients and engagements to associates through online applications accessible on mobile,desktop and tablet devices.

Associate fees cover the associate’s overhead, i.e. phone line extension, case management applications,meeting space allowing the associate to operate out of the firm. Associate expenses are tax write offs similar to law society fees, gas and car insurance.

A) Associate Paralegal ( Handles matters in the firm practice areas of claims and landlord and tenant matters from file open to close.

B) Client Service Representative ( maintains the relationship between the client and associate to ensure the client needs are meet,serves as an escalation point)

C) Client Intake ( conducts intake and client sign ups)

Compensation is based on economics of the firm rather than negotiation

All hourly rates are based on market rate and experience

The firm expects the associate to collaborate with the firm to ensure the overall success.

Contact Us

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