The Interview Process

Our first step in your legal matter is the  interview process, we will hear your case, review your evidence and determine the strength of your claim.


Pleadings | Claim

Upon completion of the case assessment, the next step is drafting and reviewing pleadings.

Other Preparation

Other time spent in preparation for trial includes:preparing factum, book of authorities, exhibit book and agreed statement of facts and updating research.


The Retainer Agreement

If you decide to retain our services a retainer agreement is required. The retainer agreement will confirm the terms of the paralegal-client relationship. It will also outline any other possible legal fees, such a filing fees and other disbursements.

Mediaton | Settlement

In the settlement conference or mediation stage, all settlement or mediation activities include; preparing for and attending conferences required by court,reviewing offers to settle from opponents,implementing a settlement and drafting minutes of settlement.

Trial | Hearing

On the trial date our firm conduct trial. including;opening and closing arguments,presenting evidence,examination and cross-examination and present case law and other applicable laws.

Case Assessment

Once our services have been retained our firm conducts an in depth case assessment .During our assessment our Firm takes all actions to investigate and understand the facts of a matter, including interviews with clients and potential witnesses,identification and verification of all appropriate parties.

Trial Preparation

If the matter does not settle,all other time spent in preparing for trial includes;developing overall trial strategy,preparing opening and closing arguments,identifying documents for use at trial and client trial preparation.


If you require assistance on this  or any other matter, please feel free to contact us.

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