Ziggy Hood Jersey  The Truth about Water Heater, Furnace and A.C Rentals. -

Our Paralegal Firm is once again flooded with cases by consumers who sign furnace,water heater or A.C rental agreements .Consumers who do nothing pay far more than their system is worth and once the term of your contract expires, you’ll likely have to pay to have it removed or pay thousands of dollars more to purchase it outright. The buyout can equal the cost of a new HVAC installed by a local installer.

Door to door sales agents are still pushing consumers to replace their HVAC System under a 10-year lease.You won’t own the equipment when the contract ends. .The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services maintains a Beware List of shady businesses that have been reported to them. They have a list of over twenty businesses in the HVAC industry that are scams. Several of them have the same name located at different addresses.


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