Representation Fees and Cost



Our fees are based on a variety of factors, primarily the time expenses of the members of the firm who render services on matters for you. Our fees may also take into account any special level of professional experience or expertise that a particular matter requires the nature and scope of the matter, the ultimate result attained, and other relevant circumstances.

Retainer Applied to Initial Bill

We require an initial retainer to begin the representation. Our time and costs are billed against the retainer .Thereafter,we will require that the retainer is replenished when requested.



In addition to fees for services, you will be responsible for costs that we may incur in connection with this representation. These costs include, for example, charges for telephone calls, telecopier costs, messengers, photocopy and document reproduction, computerized research, travel and filing fees. In certain situations, we may ask that you make direct payment to the supplier for disbursement billings.



Invoices for fees and costs will be rendered on a monthly basis for time expended and costs incurred during the previous month. Our invoices are due and payable on receipt.


Billing Questions

If you have any questions concerning our billing , estimates and  payment policies, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Contact Us

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