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Representation is essential for those seeking compensation from an individual or business or in defending a lawsuit.


Commencing & defending court actions

Our Firm commences and defends court actions. This includes reviewing evidence, claims, legal research and apply legal principles. When commencing an action our approach is to recover the principle amount, legal fees and cost. In defending an action, our approach is to limit liability, shift liability or dismiss the action.


Court Attendances

Our firm appears in court for various matters.Prior to our court appearance,consultation meetings are held to discuss expectations & outcomes and to prepare the client for court.


Legal letters & offer to settle letters

Legal letters & offers to settle letters are an effective tool used in the dispute resolution process and may result in the end of a legal dispute. The firm’s presence in dispute resolution promotes settlements. Our firms legal letters are equipped with the legalities and potential ramifications. Clients appreciate the firms dedication to dispute resolution.


Judgment Enforcement and Collections

Civil court provides various judgment enforcement procedures that promote collections. These procedures include garnished wages, writ of seizure, sale of personal property, property liens and/or sale of land and assets.

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