“For services rendered” is a more formal way of saying “for work done”. A service is the intangible and insubstantial equivalent of an economic good. It cannot be touched, gripped, handled, looked at, smelled, tasted or heard. A service cannot be turned over from the service provider to the service consumer nor returned from the service consumer to the service provider. Solely, the service delivery can be commissioned to a service provider who must generate and render the service at the request of a service consumer.

Some explanations about Services Rendered claims in Small Claims Court

Each service is unique. It is one-time generated, rendered and consumed and can never be exactly repeated as the point in time, location, circumstances, conditions, current configurations and/or assigned resources are different for the next delivery, even if the same service consumer requests the same service. Just a simple example: the taxi service which transports the service consumer from his home to the opera is different from the taxi service which transports the same service consumer from the opera to his home – another point in time, the other direction, maybe another route, probably another taxi driver and cab.

Almost every discussion regarding “buyer-seller/service provider” transactions are based on the premise that consumer rights need to be protected in any possible way. It is not an unfair practice, but what is largely overlooked is the notion that sellers/service providers also have rights, risks and costs.

  • You were sewing curtains for a week from sunrise to sunset keeping in mind every detail that you’ve agreed upon with your client but when you installed the draperies she said it was not the ones that she dreamt about and refused to pay.
  • You published an ad from a mortgage broker in your glossy paper full colour magazine but the broker didn’t want to pay because he didn’t get any calls.
  • You wrote 200 pages of texts for your customer’s website but after 8 months your invoice is still unpaid. The examples are endless.

The main types of Services Rendered claims in Small Claims Court are:

  1. Unpaid accounts for services rendered
  2. Unpaid loans
  3. Unpaid rent
  4. No customer satisfaction for the quality of services rendered

Unpaid Account / Invoice: Unpaid invoices or accounts, failure of the contractee to pay for the work performed, goods sold and delivered or services rendered by the contractor, is a form of breach of contract. There are many ways to remedy a breached contract. Usually, the remedy for unpaid invoices or accounts is an award of money damages.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) is a term used in the banking industry to indicate that a demand for payment (a cheque) cannot be honoured because insufficient funds are available in the account on which the cheque was drawn. In simplified terms, a check has been presented for clearance, but the amount written on the check exceeds the available balance in the account.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate, but common, situation where a customer or client has not paid you for services rendered or for merchandise already delivered, you may file Unpaid Account / Invoice claim in Small Claims Court if the amount owed to you is $25,000 or less.


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